Preparing your self for matrimony

Around my last article, I referred the importance from praying for what you want in a spouse. It is good to pray so that you want in a partner yet even more important is in fact working on you to become everything you believe Goodness expects a fabulous husband or a wife that should be.

Think it over; if you're female praying for your loving, hard-working and tender husband and there's a fella out there who's indeed trusting, hard-working and caring and it is also praying for the same features in a dearest, what should draw him to you? The same applies to males. If you're a person desiring special qualities in a wife, you better make sure you'll get wonderful elements yourself and/or at least doing the job towards the fact that, otherwise the type of woman you want to marry may well look somewhere else!

So , how would you prepare yourself to get marriage, I actually hear you ask?